Mountain - Endless Run Action -

Do you want to run a mountain?
Please, please run. But,
If you are walking, you are attacked by a monster!
Now, choose your favorite character, please run.


Japanese version is released soon!
Three new players added!
Gift menu is added!

What's Game?
Just climb the mountain.
Jump if there is an obstacle,
Or ran to meet the timing to walk.

Coin is falling in the mountains.
Let's unlock a new character by collecting coins.

Specs are different by character.
High scores are ranked for each character.

Coin does not increase?
Do not such time, you miss the Get Coins button.
If you look at the video ad to the end, a coin is present.

Also, when I saw something unusual in the game play,
Chance to get a large amount of coins! Do not fall into the hole in a hurry!

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Team Warbler

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